What Is The Difference Between Love And Attachment?

What Is The Difference Between Love And Attachment?

Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing great. Today I will tell you the difference between love and attachment.

What are Love and Attachment?

Before I tell you the difference between Love and Attachment, I want to tell you what they mean.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, and on the other hand, Attachment is a gentle feeling of fondness caring or liking.

Difference Between Love and Attachment

There are many differences related to love and attachment that are given below, but the real difference between love and affection is that, 

When we are attached to someone, we do things immediately and impatiently that we think is fit for another person. 

But, in love, we patiently respond and don't react. We put the other person's need on top before us.

So now as you are aware of the meanings and the difference between their purpose, I will tell you the difference between both of them by relating it with reality.

01. Appearance

He/she looks sexy, and that's why you crave him/her - that's an attachment.

You desire him/her, and that's why he/she seems sexy to you - that's love.

02. Money

He/she has much money to spend on you, give you precious gifts, takes you to classy restaurants, and that's why you love being with him/her, and the money makes you happier than he or she does - that's an attachment.

He/she doesn't have much of money to spend on you, give you little gifts, takes you to roadside vendors, but you feel happy when you're with him or her because you choose them before these things - that's love.

03. Time

He/she has spent only some months with you. The honeymoon period is going on. Everything is a bed of roses between you both, you're crazy for each other, and The puppy love phase is up. You both are at your best behavior, always attempting to make each other happy - that's an attachment.

He/she has spent some years with you. Honeymoon period ended long back. Everything is not perfect between you two, but you are comfortable with each other. The mature love phase has set in. You both have shown each other your worst sides, and several times, you have failed to make each other happy; still, you cannot live without each other - that's love.

04. Problems

He/she tells you his/her problems. You believe it's his/her problem to deal with - that's an attachment.

He/she tells you his/her problems. You believe it is your problem as well. You offer him/her a solution and your comfort - that's love.

05. Desperation

You cannot spend even one moment without thinking about him/her. You send thousands of texts and do hundreds of calls each day after every five minutes - that's an attachment.

You can spend some time without him/her, and respects each other's privacy. You believe in investing time in making life too so that you can experience it with your companion. You know the importance of both life and relationship - that's love.

06. Sex

He/she wants sex after a month of relationship to "deepen the bond," forces you, blackmails you, and doesn't bother about what you think about this step - that's an attachment.

He/she waits till the day you're comfortable with taking this step, values your decision, and doesn't leave you for this reason - that's love.

07. Faithful

He/she leaves as soon as they get someone better - that's an attachment.

He/she remains with you even if they get proposed by the most desirable man or a hottie in the town - that's love.

08. Possession

He/she believes that they own you and has a right on you - that's an attachment.

He/she understands that he/she is just an essential part of your life, and there are several other people in it and that they don't "OWN" you - that's love.

09. Sharing

He/she cannot share anything with you. They don't share their emotions, their secrets, their thoughts, and their resources - that's an attachment.

He/she believes that it is vital to make you feel like an essential part of their life by sharing more and more. Be it food, support, joy, sorrow, problems, solutions, celebrations, sentiments - that's love.

10. Understanding

He/she cannot ever understand what you're trying to say - that's an attachment.

He/she can understand even what you're hiding, just by reading your body gesture, face, and voice- that's love.

11. Approach

He/she only approaches to enjoy when you're at your best- that's an attachment.

He/she knows how to guide you when you're at your worst - that's love.

12. Compromise

He/she cannot compromise or spare for you - that's an attachment.

He/she goes out of his/her way for you, even if it involves compromising and losing- that's love.

13. Preference/Priority

He/she holds you in his/her preference at the last space - that's an attachment.

He/she puts you in his/her priority list as one of the most important person in their life - that's love.


Don't ever confuse attachment with love because attachment is more about dependency and has more to do with the love of self than love of another. Love without attachment is in its purest form because it's not about what others can give you when you are empty, it is about what you can give others when you are already full.

You're their temporary - attachment.

You're their constant - love.

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask, just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a lovely day ahead.

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