How to Make The Right Decision Or Choice in Life

How to Make The Right Decision Or Choice in Life

Hello, everyone. Today I am going to explain to you through a story that will teach you how to make the right choices in your life.

So first read the story given below, and then I will tell you the lesson it teaches which will help you in life in making the right choices.

The Story Of A Man in a Desert

There was a man named John, who got lost in a desert, and he was exhausted and thirsty. He knew for sure that if he didn't get some water to quench his thirst soon, he would die. Although wholly exhausted, the man didn't give up hope and kept walking. The man saw a little hut ahead of him. He imagined it would be a mirage or maybe an illusion, but having no other choice, he moved towards it. As he got nearer, he recognized that the hut was real. So he dragged his exhausted body by gathering the last bits of his energy.

The hut was not occupied and appeared like it had been abandoned for quite some time. The man entered into the shelter, hoping that he could find water inside.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw a water hand pump inside the hut. He started working on the hand pump, but no water came out. He kept at it and still nothing occurred. Finally, he gave up from exhaustion and disappointment. He threw up his hands in hopelessness. It seemed as if he was going to die anyway.

Then John noticed a container in one edge of the hut. It was filled with water and corked up to prevent evaporation.

John uncorked the bottle and was about to gulp the water when he noticed a piece of paper attached to it. Handwritten paper read:

Use this water to start the pump. Don't forget to fill the bottle when you're done.

John was in a dilemma to follow the instruction and pour the water into the pump, or he could ignore it and drink the water.

John was confused, what to do?

 If he let the water go into the pump, what assurance did he have that it would work?  What if the message will turn out to be false?

But then perhaps the instruction was correct. Should John risk it? If it turned out to be incorrect, he would be throwing away the last water he would ever see.

Hands shivering, he spilled the water into the pump. Then he closed his eyes, said a prayer, and started working on the pump.

John listened a gurgling sound, and then the water came welling out, more than he could use. John was so happy when he saw the water gushing out. He was going to live!

After drinking the water and feeling much better, he looked around the hut. He got a pencil and a map of the region. The map showed John that he was still far away from civilization, but at least now he knew where he was and which way to go.

He filled his bottle for the journey ahead. He also filled the bottle he found in the hut and put the cork back in. Before departing the hut, he added his own words below the instruction:

Believe me, it works!

Lesson From The Story

Have you ever been in a situation like this where you are confused about what to do when there are only two options, and you are not sure which one will work for you? 

The problem is many people don't decide or don't choose because they are afraid of the consequences their choice will bring to them and they remain confused and then regret it later. But we all have two options, and we have to choose one. So choose, take risks, and live your life.

We all have our own journies and our own choices. See its very rare to make a perfect choice in life. So if you are confused and you are not sure then just choose one and DIVE IN.

Yes, you read it right, Dive In! 

If the choice you make goes your way- Fantastic.
You will be able to inspire others and will live a happy life.

And if the choice you make doesn't go your way don't get disappointed you will be able to share your learning from your mistakes and experiences and will empower people to make their right choice.

So my friend, make a choice don't be confused, just dive in as I said, and you will reach your destination. And remember its good to do something than doing nothing.


I hope this will help you. All the best and if you are reading this then remember to be thankful as you are alive and I wish you good luck so that you make a good choice in your life.

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask, just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a lovely day ahead.

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