Major Stretching Exercises of Muscles for Cooling Down

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a beautiful day. Today I will share with you major stretching exercises of muscles for cooling down. 

major stretching of muscles for cooling down

Major Static Stretching Exercises Which are Very Significant for Appropriate Cooling Down of Muscles

01. Hamstrings

hamstring stretch

Lying, on your back, raise and straighten one leg directly above hips. Holding the calf or thigh, press the heel towards the ceiling as you pull the leg back towards the chest. After that, do the same stretch with next leg. 

02. Chest

chest stretch

Standing straight, interlace finger behind your back. As you straighten out your arms, lift your chin towards the ceiling. 

03. Glutes

glutes stretch

Resting on your back, cross right leg over bent left knee. Then bring the left knee to chest, holding onto the back of your thigh, gently pressing right knee wide. Then do the same stretch by changing the position of legs.

04. Quadriceps

quadriceps stretch

Lying on your right side, pull left into the left glute, feeling the stretch in front of the thigh. After that repeat with right leg.

05. Triceps/Shoulders

tricep/shoulder stretch

Take one arm overhead, bend at the elbow joint and extend palm down center of your back, gently pulling elbow with the opposite hand. Take the same arm across the chest, gently pulling at the elbow joint, to extend through the shoulders. Then do it again by changing the positions of the arms.

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You should stretch all the major muscle groups which you have used during the training of competition. The stretches should be held for 10-20 seconds. The repetition stretch should be done at least 2 to 3 times.

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