How Space Affects the Human Body

affects of space on human body.
Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing great. Today  I will share with you something interesting about how space affects the human body.

About 500 people from nearly 40 nations have traveled into space. However, only three countries have launched astronauts into space- Russia, The United States, and China. Now as you all know what space is I will tell you what happens to your body in space.

6 Ways Space Affects the Human Body

1.  Nearly all astronauts experience space sickness soon after entering space. The symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting, last for only a day or two.

2. Body fluids rise to your head cold, stuffy nose, and puffy face.

3. Less fluid in the lower body results in a smaller leg circumference called ''bird legs''.

4.  Calcium is lost from the bones and excreted in toilet waste. Decreased bone density can lead to fractures, but exercise on the treadmill helps to prevent this.

5. The heart shrinks because it does not have to work so hard in space.

6. Dust doesn't settle in space and hangs around in the air. It gets up astronauts noses, and they can sneeze more than 100 times a day! 


So these were the 6 effects of space on the human body. There are many fun facts about space which I will share with you. I hope you would like this post. 

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