7 Things Every Indian Teen Guy Should Know

7 things every Indian teen should know

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing good. Today I will share with you those 7 things every Indian teen guy should know.  

I am an Indian, and so I know precisely what most of the Indian boys think. Not everyone is the same I agree,  but I want to share what I feel about some of their thoughts on certain things.

7 Things Every Indian Teen Guy Should Know

1. Girls with dark skin tone also have feelings

I think it's not the problem only with the Indian guys but with others too. They bully the girls who have a dark complexion and believe that she is nothing but a loser. I don't feel it the right way to treat someone. We all are equal and created by God, we all are different and have unique gifts provided by him, and so we should respect that. Everyone either with a dark complexion or with fair has a heart and so what I want to tell is that we should treat everyone equally.

2. Going to the gym for the sake of taking selfies is not OK!

I have seen many guys who take mirror selfies in the gym. I really have no problem with it but hogging equipment in the gym for the sake of clicking selfies is not cool. It's for working out and not for taking pictures as the truth is no one really cares. 

3. You too can cry

The main problem is with the saying that " A man never cries." I don't feel its right as crying reduces stress. And nobody said that a man should not cry.

4. Short height is not something to feel sad for

Having a short height is not a curse. If you feel worried about having short height get inspire from Sachin Tendulkar, his height has never been an obstacle for him. Feel blessed and confident about yourself. Be thankful for what you have and don't cry for what you not have.

5. Arts student also have a bright future

It's a myth that science and commerce streams are the only ones which can make a person successful and these are the single streams with great opportunities. The truth is it doesn't matter which stream you choose what matters is how much passionate you are for it. If you don't like science and commerce then just don't opt for it because you have one life and you should not waste it by taking something you are not made for. Do what you love and show that subjects don't matter what matters is only your hard work and dedication towards your dream. 

6. Don't believe in "Apna time ayega" believe in hard work

The truth is your time will come only when you will work hard for it. You should work hard if you want to have a beautiful time. If you think that I am wrong, then you should watch Gully Boy and check how the hero of that film worked day and night passionately to make his dream a reality. 

7. A smile on parents face is more important 

What I want to say is that making your parents happy is much more important than making your partner happy. Many of us sometimes ignore making our parents feel special and waste our time in pleasing others which is just useless. You should make your parents feel proud, and so I will recommend you to stop wasting time on others just be happy and make your parents happy as they are the ones who will remain forever with you. 


Everybody is different, and so we should respect them. Girls too have feelings, and so we should not take advantage of theirs and then leave them. We should understand that God has uniquely created us and so we should be thankful to him and feel blessed. Don't cry for what you don't have,  feel happy for everything you have because many people pray for those things.

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a very nice day ahead. full-width

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