5 Things Every Woman should Understand


Hello everyone. Today I will share with you those 5 things that every woman should understand. 
Here I am listing the 5 things I feel every girl should understand.

5 Things Every Woman Should Know

1. Know the difference between unintentionally touched and intentionally groped  

If you are touched unintentionally by someone, then it's ok, and you should not overreact in that situation. Most of the time a person who touched you accidentally will apologize at the same moment. But on the other hand, if you feel that you are being touched by someone purposefully and inappropriately, you should react in that situation. 

When a person is touching you again and again either at the same spot or different, then it can be classified as an intentional grope. 

Most people, especially women/girls, have often found themselves being touched in public places; somebody standing behind you might stroke upon or stick to your back; some might even try to reach a woman's breasts or genitals. All of these are instances of gross misbehavior.

2. Being a girl is not about being delicate and weak

A strong woman is not determined by her capacity to be reliable, calm, and emotionless. A strong woman is defined as the one who encourages other women instead of bringing her down and who finds the strength within herself. 

As a women/girl, you are born strong. You bleed for multiple days straight and still live your life normally. So the people who think that a woman is not strong they are wrong. Be delicate but strong too. Don't be fragile as a flower be fragile like a bomb. 

3. Love yourself 

Many girls/woman don't feel confident if they are not fair skinned. It is wrong as looks don't matter, dark is beautiful too. You are not defined by your looks, but by the way you carry your struggles, smile, and hard work. 

4. Your consent is essential

It doesn't matter you are in a serious relationship or marriage; you should understand that your consent is necessary. Your body and your mind belong only to you, and if you don't want to indulge in any sexual activity, then it's your right to say NO. If you feel you are ready to be in such activity with your partner, then there is no problem. 

5. Don't run for "The Right One."

Don't run for the right one because the right one never runs away from you but stays with you forever. No one is perfect, and you should understand that everyone has flaws, but you should know how to love them with their weaknesses. 


The world is not so good than you think. Life is unfair too. So you should become strong and confident and should face it with a big smile. Don't depend on others as nowadays many of them are fair weather friends. You should understand that it will be you who will stay with you forever. 

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a very nice day ahead. full-width

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