How to Know if You are Overweight or Not?

how to check if you are obese.

Hello beautiful people. I hope you are all doing good. Today I will tell you, How you can check if you are overweight or not.  

Generally, the question arises: What should be the ideal weight of a person? Who is obese and who is not?

Different methods are used in different countries to know the obesity of a person.

According to the first method, after having a glance over the shape of the body of an individual, it can be observed whether he/she is overweight or not. But this method cannot be called an appropriate way to know as the approval of society about body shape changes with time. For example, plum woman where liked earlier in Indian society whereas nowadays slim and trim females are appreciated everywhere.

According to the second method, if an individuals body weight is more in proportion to height( according to weight and height chart), the individual is said to obese. But this is also not the best method.

The third method is a more scientific method. In this, way the body fat percentage is calculated. If the body fat percentage of a person is more than the requirement, he/she will be obese. This is the most accurate method, but it is not very easy to apply.

So now I know you would be asking that What is the best method then to find if a person is obese or not?
Here is the way to check if you are overweight or not.

 How to Know if you are Obese or Not

 Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you want to know your body mass index, then divide your body weight in kg by your height in meter square viz. 

Body Mass Index = Weight in kg / Height * Height 

The WHO Criteria for Overweight and Obesity by BMI
criteria for overweight and obesity by BMI

So you can come to know about your position after having a glance at this criteria.

Proportional Chart of Height and Weight
chart of height and weight

So now you can get to know if you are healthy or not.


If your BMI is normal then you have nothing to stress about. But, if you are overweight or underwieght you need to take care of yourself. Know what are the causes of obesity and what is it

So what was your BMI was it normal? I would be happy if it is normal.

 I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a lovely day ahead. full-width

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