6 Signs You Are Slipping Yourself Into Depression

6 signs you are in depression

Hello beautiful people. I hope you're all doing great. Today I will share with you those 6 signs that determine a person is going through depression or slipping back into it.

 If you think that these signs are resembling you, then you should consult someone to help you so that you can save yourself from falling back into depression and anxiety.

6 Signs You Are Slipping Yourself Into Depression

There are a lot of symptoms a depressed person can relate to. But these are the most common ones which will help you to know that you are suffering from some kind of anxiety or going through some mental stress so just have a look at these warning signs.

1. Not wanting to leave your bed  

In depression, your bed starts becoming your safety zone as you come to a point when you stop caring about anything. You feel more comfortable in your bed as you start sleeping more because it just feels peaceful. 

if you're too feeling that you are escaping from something and sleeping or just laying a lot in bed, then I would advise you to think about what is bothering you.

2. Having mood swings frequently

There are many causes of mood swings some of them occurs normally, but if you're experiencing daily minor mood swings or significant mood changes, then this generally means that a person is going through depression. 

3. Binge-eating

Do you know what binge-eating is? If you don't then don't panic ill tell you what is it.

If you feel uncomfortable while eating around others or if you're devouring large quantities of food and to the point of discomfort then you are suffering from binge eating. There are a lot more symptoms of binge-eating, but these are the common ones. 

4. Losing your interest in things you enjoy doing

If you're feeling that you are losing interest in things you enjoyed earlier or you are just ignoring the things once you loved then this shows that you are losing yourself or I should say that you hate yourself.

5. Feeling nobody likes you

Do you think that nobody loves you or care about you? Usually, such feelings come when you feel lonely and rejected or bullied. Such feelings arise due to specific situations, but you should stop your thinking their itself. 

As not every time what you think can be true, do you agree with this? 

This thinking often leads to anxiety and will also end up making you feel worse.

6. Overthinking

Overthinking is just creating a room filled with negative thoughts. If you are overthinking something over and over again, then you will surely get into a state of anxiety, stress, and depression. 

So just don't stress yourself by thinking unnecessarily. It will become difficult for you to act.


If you think that these signs are relatable to you, then I will recommend you to read my article on How to get out of teen depression. And also you should consult a doctor or any elder you trust.

There are many signs which determines that a person is in depression such as ignoring others, feeling hell lot of tiredness, sleeping a lot, etc. 

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a lovely day ahead. full-width

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