10 Causes of Obesity

10 causes of obesity

Hello beautiful people. I hope you're all doing great. Today I will share with you those 10 things that cause obesity.

What is obesity?

Nowadays, obesity has become a huge as well as deadly health problem. This problem is not only in India but in other countries also. Even in the United States of America, one out of four adults and one out of four children and teenagers are facing the problem of obesity. 

So the question is What is obesity?
Obesity is that state of the body in which the amount of fat increases at an enormous level.

In other words, obesity is that condition when an individual weighs 20 percent or more than the ideal weight.  Due to several health risks of obesity, it has been declared a disease. There are different methods to check if a person is obese or not. Check it here How to know if you are overweight or not.

Now as you are familiar with what does obesity means and how to check obesity of an individual, I will tell you about the causes of obesity.

10 Causes of Obesity

There can be various causes of obesity, which are narrated below: 
1. Effect of age.  As the age of the person grows, especially after  25-30 years, his body weight also rises at the rate of 1/2 kg yearly. Actually, our basal metabolic rate starts declining after the age of 25 years. Hence, the body weight of a person increases with the increase in the age of a person, and finally, the person becomes obese.

2. Heredity.  Due to heredity, the proneness of obesity is usually seen in many families. Research studies also show that a person whose one parent is obese, chances of his becoming obese is 60%; if both parents are overweight, the possibilities may rise to as high as 90%. 

3. Endocrinal Factors.  Obesity may be due to endocrinal factors. Actually, the thyroid plays an essential part in the fatness of an individual. If it secretes less amount of thyroxine,  the person can be obese. Due to endocrine glands, most of the ladies become obese during adolescence, pregnancy and in the state of menopause. 

 4. Eating Habits.  The main reasons for obesity are related to consuming habits. Consuming habits which cause obesity are as follows:
  • Eating in excessive. Some children and persons are habitual of taking food in excessive quantity. After consuming an excessive amount of food, they get more calories than their requirement. As they do not do any physical work, the extra fat gets collected, and this causes obesity. For example, if a person eats a bread piece (20gm) every day, which is not required, 48 calories in the form of fat will be deposited in his body every day. 
  • Eating Frequently.  Eating frequently increases the supply of calories. Some children are fond of eating often. Such children become obese later.
  • Eating while watching TV.  Nowadays, children and adults take their meal while watching TV. In such a situation, they take more amount of food which increases their calorie intake than usual. 
5.  Eating fatty foodstuffs.  Consuming fatty foods in the meal in excessive is a bad habit. Some children prefer eating junk foods like pizza, burger, pastry, etc. The amount of fat in such foodstuffs is in huge quantity and causes weight problems in a person.

6. Habits of taking drugs.  There are various types of intoxicants, such as alcohol, tobacco, morphine, steroids, and LSD. If a person starts taking any of the narcotics, he becomes habitual and due to this when he takes his meal he does not know how much amount of food he must take. So overeating takes place, and he becomes overweight.

7. Gender.  It's a fact that a woman tends to be more obese than men. Men have a higher resting metabolic rate which means they burn more fat/calories than a woman at rest. That is why most of the woman gain extra weight after menopause.

8. Psychological factors.  Psychological factors also influence eating habits and obesity. Many persons eat more in response to negative emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. Such persons do not have control over eating.

9. Medications.  There are various types of medications/drugs in the market such as steroids, anti-depressants, etc. These types of drugs cause weight gain.

10. Inactive lifestyle.  Most of the children lead an inactive lifestyle. They do not believe in physical work. They prefer TV, video games, mobiles, etc. So the unexpended calories are accumulated in their bodies as fat.

So these were the top 10 causes of obesity and which you should know about. 


There are more causes of obesity which are not stated above but what I wanted to convey to you is that you should live a good lifestyle as if you will live an inactive living then you will become obese, and it is a deadly disease. So be safe and be active, have a beautiful day ahead.

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a very nice day ahead. full-width

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