1 Thing I Learned From The Poem "The Spider And The Fly" By Mary Botham Howitt


Hello beautiful people. I hope you're all doing good. Today I will share with you that 1 thing I learned from the poem The Spider And The Fly.  It is a fable poem that depicts a common human weakness of being easily temp by flattery. 

Summary Of The Poem 

Before I share with you that one thing that I learned from this poem I want you to have a brief summary of this poem.

This poem by Mary Howitt is a poem that depicts the common human weakness of being taken over by flattering comments. 

  • The spider tries to convince the fly to come up to his web, but the fly replies that those who do so never return.
  • The spider tries to lure the fly - he tells her how comfortable his bed is, but the fly replies that those who sleep on his bed never wake again.
  • The spider now proclaims his affection for the fly - he welcomes her inside his pantry, but the fly refuses.
  • The spider tries to please her vanity; he calls her wings beautiful and her eyes brilliant.
  • He gives her a chance to look at herself in his mirror; the fly is flattered and promises to return another day.
  • The spider goes into his den and sets his dining table.
  • The spider comes back to his door and sings in her praises.
  • The fly is flattered; she comes closer to his web thinking of her wings, eyes, and crested head.
  • The spider captures her and takes her inside his parlour. The fly meets a tragic end.

So this was a brief summary of this poem, and now I will tell you about that 1 thing I learned from this poem.

The Thing I Learned From The poem "The Spider and the Fly."

Not to be carried away by the praises

I learned the power of flattery from this poem. The Spider and the Fly depict the common human weakness of being taken over by flattering comments. We get overconfident when someone praises us which is just bad for us as we then think that no one can compete with us. The poem reveals that flattering words trick you to such an extent that forgetting everything else, you move towards your ruin.

We humans often fall in love with someone who through the use of seduction and flattery traps us and make us fall for him/her. Flattery is so powerful that people turn towards it even after knowing its consequences. I learned that one should not be carried away by the praises to remain safe from any kind of danger. 

For example: If a person is praising you often he is praising just like the spider in this poem. The person is admiring your eyes, body, etc. It feels good, but you don't know the intentions of that person or if that person is giving bad comments behind your back. So I learned to Ignore those praises and started counting my weaknesses, not for the purpose to cry for them but to improve them.
So don't be a foolish fly and get carried away by those praises, as we all know that no one of us neither you nor I am perfect so just work upon yourself and do great things. Don't get trapped in those flattery tricks and fall in love because the real person will praise your soul not your body. 


At last as the foolish fly despite knowing the spider's evil intent and cunningness falls into his trap and never returns, so will you,  if you will get carried away by such praises.

Thus I appeal never to pay heed to idle, silly, flattering words. Therefore one should always remember this tale when encountered an evil counselor.

 I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a lovely day ahead. full-width

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