Why Its Not Ok To Be Jealous Of Friends


Hello beautiful people. Hope you're all doing good. Today I am going to share my views on if it's ok to get jealous of a friend or a BFF. I know you will be thinking first of all if it's ok to be jealous like in relationship etc. I will try to explain what I feel about envy or Jealousy.

Why it's Not Ok To Be Jealous Of Friends

Theoretically, if you see jealousy has two meanings:

  1. Feeling upset because you think somebody you love is showing interest in somebody else. It's a common emotion everybody feels in a relationship or friendship.

  2. Feeling angry because you want to be like someone or you want something somebody else has.

If I talk about the first meaning, it's entirely OK to get jealous. This is an emotion just like sadness or love as because of this the other person say your partner or your friend understand you care about them. Because of jealousy, you get to know that you are really connected to a person and that your emotions are really true towards him or her. 

Now if I talk about being jealous of a friend it's really not OKAY. There is dialogue in a Bollywood film 3 idiots the dialogue is:

 ” dost fail hojaye tho dukh hota hai...lekin dost first aajaye toh zada dukh hota hai"

translation: it feels bad when a friend fails....but it feels worse when he comes first.

In many ways, this dialogue is true because this is the real fact. I am not talking about each one of us, but some of us really get jealous when our friend does really good or when he gets appreciated. If you call yourself a friend, when he/she passes you are unhappy or when he fails you are unhappy definitely we should not use friends in this context.

 I agree in this world everyone is our competitor but not a friend because if your friend or BFF achieves something good shouldn't you be delighted because that's the real friendship. If I keep aside friendship, this problem is with everyone in every relation either in friendship or something else.

The real problem is within us because we are not taking charge of ourselves. If your sadness, your joy,  your anger, your misery is determined by somebody or something around you the chances of you experiencing happiness is minuscule. Your life is your life as you manage it and in a way, you are a manager of your life so what's happening within you should happen your way because the world will never happen your way. If you have decided not to be happy in any condition you are in a mode to destroy yourself internally and externally.

"We are shaped by our thoughts; what we think we become."   -buddha
If I ask you there is you, and then there are billions of people on this planet who got their own stuff, but you are just one person so at least your moods or emotions should not depend on others so if what you want happen would you be blissed out or miserable?

If your answer is blissed out, then you should think what's the reason you are going towards misery. Because you should be the controller of yourself, not your friends or other people should have control over your feelings.

There are many people in this world, and you don't know the ones who are appreciating you today, what they'll say tomorrow so if your way of being is determined by others you are just making a problem for yourself. So just be happy because life is too short to be miserable. Everyone is different their life is different, and that should not affect you because you are unique. You will achieve nothing by getting jealous because you will just think and gain nothing.

"you are better in your own way because nobody is you"

We can't compete with others because they are better in their own way. And they can't compete with us because we are better in our own way. So just compete with yourself, compete with the person you were yesterday as contending with others is a waste of life because you will get off-track and you will start doing kinds of stuff you hate just because you want to be number one. So just smile and live a life of your own and don't get jealous of your friend.

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a very nice day ahead.

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