Why Does Love Fades Away Over Time?

love fades away

Hello beautiful people, I hope you're all doing good. I was just wondering why does love fade away in a relationship over time, as I have observed it in many of the love affairs. So today I'll share my views on why does love fades away after some time.

Why Does Love Fade Away Over Time? 

We all know what love is, it is just about feeling the sweetness of emotions within yourself. But the problem is arising nowadays that is when the two partners who recently fell in love feels that their love will last forever. First few months or years will be like a fulfilled dream, but after some time, they'll feel it's not working between both of them.

The thing we should understand is that love can last forever if you don't expect or make another person the source of your happiness. The thought that the other person is my source of happiness is the feeling towards problems my friend for both of you. Don't use another person as a key to unlock the doors of happiness or joy within you.

You are using other person as a key to open up an experience within you..why do you need a key when there is no lock.  -Sadhguru

Just try to be a self-start machine, if you wake up in the morning and you are filled with joy and exuberance and love by yourself, then every minute of your life will be a pleasant moment my friend.

There are two ways to be in a relationship:

1.  When you want to extract something from somebody.
2.  When you want to share something from somebody.

The first way is the main reason why love affairs are becoming tedious and terrible, because when you try to extract something say happiness from the other person and if they'll close the way it will become nasty for you. But if you're on the way to share with your partner to share your love, your experience, your thoughts your life will be good.

 What I want to say is that when it comes to joy, happiness the source should always be you. The problem starts arising at the point when you feel the other person is your source of happiness, but the truth is whether its joy or sadness the source is within you. If you are a joyful human being your partner will be happy being with you, but if you are a misery, he/she will endure you.

Many people to fulfill their needs say physical, psychological, mental, social, etc use I LOVE YOU as a mantra which works but it's wrong. If you are not feeling the sweetness of emotions within you, you will not be able to take significant steps in life and will end up frustrated.  The relationship can last longer if you are understanding and handling each others nonsense with patience without expecting something in return because that's called unconditional love.

So just don't let anyone else control your emotions because the source of all problems are within you and the solutions are also withing you.

I hope this may have helped you. If you found my blog helpful or you have anything to ask just leave your queries in the comment section. Thank you, have a nice day ahead.

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