What is Success?


What is Success?

Success is not a place you can reach with a ladder. Rather, it is a part of your life, and you find it at every step of the ladder of life which all of us have to slowly climb.

Bob Proctor says, ”Keep reminding yourself that you have tremendous reservoirs of potential within you, and therefore you are quite capable of doing anything you set your mind to. All you must do is find out how can you do it, not whether or not you can. And once you have figured it out and made up your mind to do it, it's amazing how your mind starts finding out how.”

For some, success is doing your job in the best way you can. For a few others, success is having so many friends. But for many others, success is making money and nothing more. There are also others who assess the success on a different scale. For them, success is calculated by the sum total of the constructive contribution made by an individual or group to society. 

Well then, what is success?

The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of fame, attainment of wealth, achievement and so on.

If I will ask you, what success means to you? What will be your answer? 

When I asked this question from a group of people, they came up with the following answers:

Success is.....

  • Being true to your aims and goals
  • Having best buddies
  • Earning money
  • Being faithful to the job in hand and going ahead
  • Living a qualitative life
  • Daring and going ahead despite defeat
  • Ready for change
  • Finding a life partner 
  • Dreaming the impossible dream
  • Fulfillment of dreams
  • Struggling on with the will to win, but accepting the loss with a smile
  • Sharing sorrow and laughter 
  • Doing good deeds
  • Making the world a better place to live
Does your answer match those of these young people? If you have different answers,  then just share your answers in the comment section.

For Mahatma Gandhi, success was being truthful and following the path of non-violence. For Jawaharlal Nehru, success was being a true citizen of India and the world
. For Mother Teresa success was being faithful to God, who had called her to be an angel of his mercy to the poorest of the poor.

If you are open to challenges,  willing to work really hard and ready to welcome changes for the better, you will experience success at every step of the way in your life.

 ”Nothing of value comes by luck; it must be earned by hard work and sacrifice”.

Always remember that the secret of success is passion. Always think big. Spread love and joy. You will have blissful years ahead. And one day you will reap the fruits of your labor. Wishing you a very successful future ahead.

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a lovely day ahead.

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