Things To Do In 2019

things to do in 2019

Hello beautiful people. Hope you're all doing good. A very Happy New Year, May 2019 be the happiest and best of all your years for you. May every day of the NEW YEAR glow with good cheer and joy for you and your family. I just wanted to share some things with you that I am going to do this year.

As we all have walked into 2019, every one of us has some resolutions we want to follow. I had made many resolutions in the past year's but completed, or I should say I followed very few of them. But we should not lose hope,  so I have made new resolutions or things I want to do this new year which I felt sharing with all of you.

Usually, the new year resolutions are just about sacrificing something or to change an undesired behavior to improve something in life or to achieve a goal, for example: losing weight, exercise, study hard, drink more water or quite something. But I thought to do something different this new
year and I created a list of things I decided to do in 2019.

Things To Do Or Try in 2019 

  • Love Your Own Company
  • Take Every Chance You Get
  • Have Confidence Instead Of Giving Up So Easy
  • Impress Yourself Instead Of Impressing Others
  • Help Others Without Expecting Anything In return 
  • Focus On The Positive 

These are the things I've planned to do this year. This is a concise list but the items listed are the ones which I really want to learn and apply in my life. I recommend you to give the listed things a try, hope, so these things will help you also cause in my opinion trying to love your own company and thinking positive will bring many changes in your life in one or the other way. 

I will try to elaborate on the listed things so that you can understand what I really mean by these points. 

#1.  Love Your Own Company

What I mean by loving your own company is to just fall in love with yourself and your life. Just live in the present moment by starting each day with gratitude. Don't allow other people to control your happiness or emotions and enjoy your own company.

 Be grateful for every experience you've received and just start your year like starting a new life. If you want to be around the people then just be with the ones who love you, not the ones who pretend they do. Only devote this year in loving and taking care of yourself more. 

#2. Take Every Chance You Get 

Taking every chance and opportunity, you get matters the most. People lose opportunities because they don't take it at the right time, and then it gets too late to have one. Life is really too short to keep regrets, so just make use of every opportunity you get as in life, somethings only happen once. Just stop being scared and go for it either it will work or not. 

You will not regret failing because you gave it a try, but you will regret not trying and taking the chance your entire life. I will try to take every opportunity I will get this year, so should you. 

#3. Have Confidence Instead Of Giving Up So Easy

The problem with every one of us is impatient. We all know, and we all have been taught by our teachers and elders the quality and importance of patients in our life still it's not easy. 

We take problems as stop signs but generally, they are guidelines so we shouldn't give up and go through it. Don't let your frustration knock you down or making your fear to stand up in your way. 

No one really cares how long you take to do a thing but what really matters is your result which will only be possible when you've made up your mind that you will not give up, as the person with big dreams is more powerful than the person with all facts. So just don't give up, try because everything is possible.

#4. Impress Yourself Instead Of Impressing Others

Do things what you love to do like dressing to please yourself. Just don't think what other people think about you because what you think about yourself matters the most. Don't try to please or impress others because, in the end, they will judge you anyway, so don't waste your time just do what you love.

 When you try to please others sometimes, they don't get impressed in a way that you expected them to be but when you try to take care of yourself doing what you love you will never regret, and that's the secret of happiness.

#5. Focus On Positive

Don't allow negative thoughts and feelings to drain your energy. Just focus on the brighter side because what you think is what you get. When you only focus on the problems, you will overthink and end up with more problems, but when you think about positivity and possibilities, you will end up having more opportunities. 


These were my resolutions I decided to try this year. I will just suggest you if you liked the listed things you can give it a try else this year 2019 is your year it's your life, so do what makes you unique, follow your paths and live your 365 days happily.

 Though 2018 was a most confusing, challenging and emotional year for some of you, so I wish you laugh more speak what you want and do everything that makes you happy I want you to live louder and shine brighter this year have faith and don't lose hope. 

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask, just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a very nice day ahead.

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