How To Get Out Of Teen Depression?

how to get rid of depression

Hello beautiful people. I hope you’re all doing good, but as you visited this blog and I think you are suffering from such irritating and unwanted feelings which force you to search about depression, you and I together will try to figure out the cause and solution on how to get out of teen depression.

Though we all know what depression means, I will try to explain it briefly. A person cannot state his condition of feeling sad, feeling down and noticing a low interest in daily activities which used to bring him happiness as depression.

As these are symptoms familiar to all of us. But, if this substantially affects your daily life and you think that you are not behaving in a way you were used to for a long time it may be called depression. Teen depression, on the other hand,  is also the same as depression but our parents or elder thinks it as normal adolescents behavior. If we think according to their perspective in some way, they are right as it appears to be normal.

Early signs of teen depression in addition to the depressed and irritable mood which should be noticed are as follows:

  • Anger
  • Dearth of motivation 
  • Dearth of confidence 
  • Demoralization or Hopelessness 
  • Lack of interest in extracurricular activities 
  • Lower school performance 
  • Feeling of good for nothing 
  • Easily irritable 
  • Loneliness 
  • Restlessness
  • Thought of suicide or death
  • Change in eating patterns 
  • Sleepless nights 

These are some of the common symptoms which are identifiable in a depressed teen.

Why We Teens Feel Depressed Or Irritated?

One of the reasons why we feel depressed or irritated is overthinking. When you overthink something, again and again, you just feel that the other person did something wrong to you and you are right. It is not the way to think or to pass judgment on a particular person or situation occurring in your life. There is a quote I read recently on the Instagram feed it said,

 " if you want to be sad no one can make you happy. But if you made your mind to be happy no can take that happiness from you."

It's so simple to understand through this quote. It just means that if you yourself don't allow anyone's comment to bother you, you will be happy. We teens feel stressed when we face any difficult situation,  an unexpected breakup, betrayal, peer pressure, stress to bring good grades. I'm an Indian, and I know many Indian parents want to see their child bringing good grades and performing excellently in his academics. But this builds a pressure upon their child as they start thinking about the aftermaths for example:

  • What if I didn't get good grades.
  • What if my teacher complaint about my poor performance in my tests.
  • What if I just got passing marks etc.

These are the common things every teen thinks about. Somehow the parents should consider that one or the other way they are wrong. I am not saying they are entirely wrong as they are giving fees for our education for us and they expect something in return which is good grades, but they should understand everyone is excellent in his own way they should think if their child is not focusing on
their studies what is the reason behind it. There can be many reasons behind this topic but for now,
We should focus on some more reasons behind teen depression. The other reason can be going through a breakup. I can understand this will be a tough time for you if you are going through a breakup, but you should not take it as a permanent wound.

The mistake some of us commonly make is to think on and on about the reasons and finding why it happened and also if it was because of me. Many of us start thinking the other person lacked the love or they loved but not the way you expected. Love is not about expectations, it is about to love someone even when you know their weakness and loving every small little thing of your partner as no one is perfect in this world. Some of the teens go to depression because they expected too much from someone and when they betrayed their heart get broken. In my opinion, it's your fault if you are expecting a perfect relationship and trusting too much in such a nick of time. There is a saying ;

"Trusting someone is your decision but, proving you wrong is thiers."
So just trust but not blindly because every person who is with you except your parents have some selfish motive behind it because, in this world, there is no person who doesn't see the benefits behind being with you, whether it be friends or your life partner.

So don't get upset if anyone betrays you that is their karma and everyone pays for the wrong things they do to others. The main reason behind the stress is over expectations and desire when they both don't get fulfilled we stress ourselves, as we humans tend to think that everything should work on our expectations. So just be happy, expect less so that in the end, you'll be happier.

Ways To Get Yourself Out Of Teen Depression  

Depression is something which doesn’t go on its own. So you need to take some steps to get yourself out of depression. Most commonly what a teen will think in this state is that he wants to die, why does he exist but you know that this is worse. This is only a cowardly behavior as you are doing nothing about it. Here are some tips for you to keep your depression and anxiety attacks away.

Exercise:  As we all know that being active has been shown to have many health benefits both mentally and physically. Many studies concluded that exercises help us to improve our mood and keeps stress and depression away. Scientifically it produces many changes in the parts of the brain and produces different hormones which help you to decrease depression like serotonin. During exercise, our body releases endorphins which help us in being positive.

If you just give 1 hour of your day to exercise while listening to your favorite music, it can do wonders in changing your mood.

Listening to music:  listening to music is also proven in increasing the mental well-being of a person. Music helps us to remain happier and cheerful throughout the day as the brain releases dopamine which is also known as ” happy hormone ”. Scientists have proven that listening to classical or meditative music helps in decreasing depression. Music also helps us to remain calm down it decreases stress hormones and you helps you feel much better.

Watching funny videos on Youtube or watch movies: Watching movies or funny videos will help you in diverting your mind. When you are depressed, it's more important to redirect your mind so that you don't think about the causes or things which leads you back to anxiety. Some of the funny videos which you can watch are  TRY NOT TO LAUGH ON YOUTUBE, there are many more related videos and vines you can view and feel stress-free. Movies you can watch to freshen up your mood are The Hangover, Dumber and Dumber, The Mask these are my suggestions.

Play with your pet: Owing to a pet whether it is a dog or a cat will help you in many ways. They will never let you feel lonely. Loneliness will lead you to overthink which is worst when you are suffering from depression. Playing with your pets will also help you in releasing endorphins helping you in being positive. Many studies have found that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol which means a pet can reduce the chances of suffering from a heart attack.


According to WHO depression is the leading causes of disease burden and suicides among many people all over the world. 800,000 people die every year because of mental illness. In India, about  56 million people die because of depression. Just don't be a coward and fight, it's just a bad phase which you can face all you need is a willpower that you can so that you can make yourself proud.

                                  "hey little fighter soon things will get brighter."

I hope this blog may have helped you. If you have found my blog helpful or if you have anything to ask just leave your questions and queries in the comment section. Be happy and have a very nice day ahead.

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